100th POST: Top 5 TV Moms

I realised that this post would be my 100th so why not celebrate with a top 5 list? I think the title of this post is pretty much self explanatory. Top fictional Mothers on TV IMO. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Disclaimer: The characters I have chosen are picked based on my own opinions and from what I have watched in my life so far. Any similarities (and yes, there are some) were not intentional but later realised during the writing process.


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I am glad the Summer Holidays are over. Here’s Why…

The Summer holidays are for most kids, the greatest part of their childhood. I get it. I was a kid once and for a time, I loved it… Then for another time, I hated it… Then I loved it again but it all depended on my mental health and who was around me at the time. I was fortunate enough to have a Dad (despite having a disability) who still took my sister and I out at least once a week. Everyone knows him so even a short journey to the shop would take three times the amount of time due to his need to stop and have a full-blown conversation with someone. (I hated it!)

This Summer I have tried hard to battle it out with my imaginary axe and slowly attempt to chop and hack at my anxiety. (See Breaking Down Anxiety| PARK |.) This lasted no more than two weeks because unfortunately anxiety started to chop and hack at me. Thanks Anxiety, you’re a real chum! (y)


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Family Day Trip to Stourport [With Great Grandad]

Last week Great Grandad or Super Grandad as he shall be known on here, took us all out to Stourport for the day. We seem to do this every Summer for the past three years and until I learn to drive and get a car, we have to unfortunately rely on family members to drive us to a place where we can explore and have fun. (Trains and Coaches cost more than a week’s worth of shopping here in the UK.)

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As mentioned yesterday, Mini Me has had a YouTube channel since last Summer but other commitments had gotten in the way so we took a longer than necessary break.

We had the greatest opportunity for a video when GrandadSnoresALot brought back a bag full of various flavours of rock from his trip to Blackpool. We decided to turn these 7 flavours into a tasting challenge. Check out how she did and comment which flavour you would love to try 🙂


His name is Gary, he loves cookies and is living his prison sentence aboard the Galaxy 1 with only robots as company. All he craves for is: a cookie, a game of cards and to be reunited with a lady called Quinn. Days before his prison sentence is over, he meets a green face-hugging alien he names, Mooncake: The CUTEST thing since, ever. However, Mooncake is wanted by the Lord Commander, an evil, pocket sized alien. This is:

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Women Can Speak About Football Too!

I have a lot of male friends and some I can talk all things football to but if you’re around a group of people you don’t know, your opinions become like a whisper during an Ed Sheeran concert. They’re not going to hear you. Maybe they’re all wrapped up with their conversation but something does strike me – is it because I’m a woman?

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Breaking Down Anxiety| PARK |

The majority of us will suffer with anxiety and/or depression at least once in our lives’. If you are like me, you may have suffered it your whole life and believed, thoroughly believed, that it was normal and will pass as you grew up. The fact is, it didn’t… it got worse and if you are anything like me you would understand that the only time I would leave the house is when I have to – that is: when I do the school run.

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