The Stick Of Rock Challenge ♡ BabblingBrookeTV ♡

Did I forget to mention that Mini Me has a YouTube channel? We created it last Summer but with internet issues, Uni Work, and lack of time, we took a longer than necessary break. Mini Me has been itching to get back into the fun and games of sitting in front of the camera.

We were given a fabulous opportunity when Grandad SnoresALot brought back a humongous batch of rock from his trip to Blackpool a couple of weekends ago.

Wait? Rock?



Nope, not that sort of rock!


Oh yeah, he came willingly. Nope! This rock comes in the form of sugary sticks, decorated as if a unicorn pooped them straight out. They come in various flavours and as MotherDear handed me the bag, I fished through the bag of unicorn faeces and picked some flavours. One flavour was Fish & Chips. I bet that Father of mine, cackled like Dennis the Menace when the shop assistant placed it in the bag. (I don’t like fish and chips!) I left that one for my Sister. Who knows whether she was impressed.

There were 7 flavours all together and we decided to turn these unicorn faeces into the Stick Of Rock Challenge. Yes! This challenge requires Mini Me to fashion her best smile and a Shopkins blindfold and one at a time, she had to taste a piece of rock and guess the flavour. Pretty simple, right?

Well, if you would like to see how she did, watch out for the video!

In the mean time, how about you check out what we have been up to so far on her channel.



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