Family Day Trip to Stourport [With Great Grandad]

Last week Great Grandad or Super Grandad as he shall be known on here, took us all out to Stourport for the day. We seem to do this every Summer for the past three years and until I learn to drive and get a car, we have to unfortunately rely on family members to drive us to a place where we can explore and have fun. (Trains and Coaches cost more than a week’s worth of shopping here in the UK.)

As we have come back to Mini Me’s YouTube channel which we started last year, we are  hopeful that we can film, edit and upload a video once a week. This is because with Luke’s shifts becoming scattered all over the place when terms kicks off and my final University module beginning in October, time is going to be difficult to find especially as some of that sought time will be going into this blog but let’s get back to this post, shall we?

Last year’s unedited Stourport video made by Luke is our second most popular video on Mini Me’s channel so far. So why not make another with my improved editing skills? If no one watches them, well it is something for our family to watch as the years pass by. This way, our children will have memories to look back on as they get older.

Stourport (located on the River Severn) is an approx 30 minute drive from where we live. The houses are beautiful and it’s amazing that the locals have this wonderful park, entertainments, and outside pool right on their doorstep. I also believe that the place gets some good custom during the holidays with tourists such as ourselves making our way there to have some fun.

Super Grandad has been taking Luke and his siblings here for years and has his routine. We always start off in the kiddies section which has rides for small children, as well as a food store which sells tea, coffee, food, and ice-cream. Mini Me always goes on the go-karts first. Every year, she watches our faces rather than the road and nearly crashes into the barricades. This year she crashed a good few times which meant Luke had to walk onto the track and pull her away. With the camera rolling, I think she was trying to impress her subscribers. If anything, watching her on the track is like watching her grow as now her feet fit comfortably on the accelerator.

Next Luke attempts to shoot these activators which (if shot at with accuracy) will make something move, or squirt water. If you like Fred Flintstone,SnapShot(2)then shooting at him to try to make his wig move is quite hilarious. Although, the poor bloke is trying to work on his laptop. I know how he feels: trying to work on a laptop while loads of children are trying to disturb you. They always succeed. Thanks kids!

This time, Super Grandad tried to encourage Little Man to try out a few things. He helped him squirt water at some animals on a game and then he sat in a moving helicopter with Mini Me. He wasn’t impressed. Super Grandad was going to try him on a train but Little Man had enough as he screamed ‘Mummy,’ and reached for his pushchair so, I sat him back in and instead he watched his sister and Dad go on the train instead.Mini Me on the slide A tiny walk down a hill led to a few more rides which were surrounded by dinosaurs. There is also an inflatable slide, bouncy castle and a horse ride.

Later we walked along the river where beautiful boats floated gracefully. Super Grandad told us about a time a con-artist conned people along the river by taking their pictures then giving them a piece of paper of where to purchase the pictures. No such thing existed. Along this walk way, are more food stores where people can buy chips, hotdogs, burgers, donuts and ice-cream. We entered the entertainment section where there was an arcade and rides for larger kids. Mini Me went on a dragon roller coaster which she loves! Grandad however, pointed out that he was getting ‘too old.’ I think secretly he loved it! Next, we went into an arcade and Luke had come prepared with a bag full of 2ps to use in the 2p machine. I chose a Tom & Jerry machine which also vomited tokens. I managed to win a shiny blue horse keyring and plenty of tokens. All of them together was enough for Mini Me to trade in for a few more prizes.

If you want to watch what happened then feel free to watch the YouTube video! 


Now, I have been to Stourport less than a handful of times. I haven’t had the chance to explore entirely. Since being a vegetarian for a year now, I am yet to find a vegetarian friendly place to eat. We opted for chips in curry sauce with a cheese and onion pasty but to save money (and calories), I think I will stick to a sandwich alternative. There are also plenty of benches to sit at to eat (if you like that sort of thing) and thankfully in previous outings the outdoor life:that are insects haven’t pestered me but this time there were wasps buzzing too close to Little Man as I tried to feed him some chips. We ended up eating in Super Grandad’s car.

It can get quite costly going to Stourport if you add up the entertainments and the food but you can still have a pleasant time without spending money. Take a ball and have a kick about, save them couple of pounds for an ice-cream. They even have an outside pool (which I only just noticed during this trip) so you could have a little swim if you wanted to.

ALL photo and video footage belongs to me: BabblingMummy and BabblingBrookeTV. 

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