Back to School Thoughts – Where has the time gone?

The simple answer is, well out the window. As each second passes, that is one second you could have been doing something amazing or in my case sleeping or watching my next Netflix binge.

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Family Day Trip to Stourport [With Great Grandad]

Last week Great Grandad or Super Grandad as he shall be known on here, took us all out to Stourport for the day. We seem to do this every Summer for the past three years and until I learn to drive and get a car, we have to unfortunately rely on family members to drive us to a place where we can explore and have fun. (Trains and Coaches cost more than a week’s worth of shopping here in the UK.)

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As mentioned yesterday, Mini Me has had a YouTube channel since last Summer but other commitments had gotten in the way so we took a longer than necessary break.

We had the greatest opportunity for a video when GrandadSnoresALot brought back a bag full of various flavours of rock from his trip to Blackpool. We decided to turn these 7 flavours into a tasting challenge. Check out how she did and comment which flavour you would love to try đŸ™‚

Breaking Down Anxiety| PARK |

The majority of us will suffer with anxiety and/or depression at least once in our lives’. If you are like me, you may have suffered it your whole life and believed, thoroughly believed, that it was normal and will pass as you grew up. The fact is, it didn’t… it got worse and if you are anything like me you would understand that the only time I would leave the house is when I have to – that is: when I do the school run.

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Mini Me Got her Ears Pierced

Disclaimer: this post is about my opinions about piercings and although they may differ from other people’s opinions, I hold no judgement. These opinions are based on my thoughts and beliefs and most importantly, what is best for MY child.

When speaking to Mini Me about piercings in the past, I have always said that if she wanted them done she had to wait until she had completed a few things:

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Sports Day – the importance of playing as a team

So England aren’t bringing the World cup trophy home but they brought football back into the hearts of the nation. We may not have a trophy but sometimes just team spirit is enough to celebrate.

Last week was a busy week with the choir performance, daily afternoon swimming lessons and by the end of the week, Mini me had Sports Day. Luke managed to convince work to allow him to go in a little later as he had never watched a Sports Day event before. On the walk to school, Mini Me was telling my how she wanting us to chant and cheer, ‘just like cheerleaders, Mom,’ she said smiling. She also added in a Harry Potter reference, ‘You need to cheer like they do for Gryffindor but instead you say GO, GO SEACOLE… GO, GO SEACOLE.’


At her school there are four houses named after people most people in Britain would have heard of. However, it’s funny that she just happened to be in the house with a name only few seemed to have heard of. A quick google search tells you enough about Mary Seacole to make you wonder why no-one seems to know of her. Seacole house is also the only house named after a female but I’ll tell you what, I am pretty pleased Mini Me is in a house named after a lady who achieved so much. However, with Seacole house, it came with a phrase, ‘Seacole never win a thing.’ So, if anything them little boys and girls tried their best. They wanted that trophy. They wanted to prove that they had a good chance in winning, too.

Dog walkers were extremely scarce as the top field of the park was packed of children, teachers and parents. They created a circle of activities for each house to participate in in their year groups. Some of them were the typical events like a rally, or a skipping rope race and there was also one where they had to throw a bean bag into a circle with the furthest circle away awarding them with more points. There was even some stranger events like running to a cone to pick up a piece of clothing, put it on, run to the next one and add the next clothing. By the end, the child looked like some groovy policeman in a bad 1990’s comedy. Funnily enough we never have the time to get around the whole circle. Some of the lads were gutted because the games had ended just before the football task. As the scores are added up, there is a parents race and no, I didn’t enter.

The time came for the scores to be read out with next year’s house captains standing around the trophy ready to take their house’s prize – their first Captaincy task before they all go back after the Summer.

One house was called in fourth place. So far so good. Another house was called for third and then this was it… who is this year’s Infants Sports Day winner? ‘SEACOLE!’ I cheered my heart out as finally they all won and it was because of how hard they wanted it, how well they worked as a team.

It’s what I love about these kinds of Sports Days. It isn’t about who does the best individually. Who gains medals every year. It is about team spirit. Working together to achieve something and even if you don’t win, you all tried your best.

How England played this world cup reminded me of this. They showed real passion, they gave their nation some belief, some hope, some unity and it’s the same for all team sports especially for children in their Houses. For a moment in time, everyone has the same goal, the same belief, the same drive to accomplish something. It may be the trophy or it could be just being able to run with a skipping rope without falling over but when they win, they win together. If they lose, they lose together. A tap on the back, a job well done and no worries, we can do better next time.