100th POST: Top 5 TV Moms

I realised that this post would be my 100th so why not celebrate with a top 5 list? I think the title of this post is pretty much self explanatory. Top fictional Mothers on TV IMO. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Disclaimer: The characters I have chosen are picked based on my own opinions and from what I have watched in my life so far. Any similarities (and yes, there are some) were not intentional but later realised during the writing process.


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It is 30 years from now (2048) and colonisation has become a way for Earthlings to survive. The Robinson’s are a family who have been tested to join the Resolute: a spacecraft which will take them to colonise a new world but guess what guys, the Robinson’s journey came crashing down (quite literally) into an unfamiliar planet. They become:

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NETFLIX PICKS: A Series of Unfortunate Events – Season 2

on March 30, 2018 something terrible happened. Series 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events was released on Netflix. Look a way now if you don’t like reading television reviews about terrible and unfortunate events revolving around 3 orphans whose parents died in a mysterious fire and are now running from the evils schemes of a tall, gangly man with one eyebrow and an eye tattoo on his ankle…See the source image If so? Then look a way. Stop reading and leave this page and read a review about something, with a happier ending. I will warn you now, this review does not have a happy ending.

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PAW Patrol Syndrome

Babbling Mummy is on the case in helping you guys learn all about PAW PatrolSee the source image Syndrome.

PAW Patrol Syndrome is an illness where a child between the ages of 1 and 6 (or older in some cases) may become obsessed with Ryder and his pups. We are not talking a case of square eyes. No. We are talking about an obsession. An obsession that can be so severe that you and your family will hear nothing but PAW Patrol. Find out below if your child has Paw Patrol Syndrome.

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What is in the name…

Today’s Daily Prompt is:

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

So, what is my name and what does it mean? Why I prefer to spell it differently and who the heck is Pingu…?

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What The Smurf

I remember a few years ago when I was doing my A-levels and for my Media Studies coursework, I wrote an essay on how women are portrayed in television (in teen dramas specifically). Most of the time, through my research on teen dramas, women are represented as a some sort of sex symbol. Women, as it seems, must be beautiful! I believe that every woman is beautiful. However, according to the media, women must be a rib racking size 0, typically blonde with blue eyes (although that isn’t a necessity these days.)

People are quick to blame television programmes such as 90210, One Tree Hill, The OC (all programmes, I particularly like by the way) and magazines etc for making people such as myself from a very young age believe that this is what a woman must look like and then if we don’t look like these women then we tend to fall down the low self esteem spiral of self pity (believe me, I know). Although, yes I can agree with some people who believe that a person can watch programmes like this and have the ability to know that this IS NOT what every woman looks like and not to worry about it too much (which is easily said than done) but what people don’t realise that this portrayal of women also appears in television programmes our children may watch or what we may have watched as a child ourselves.

So, an example of this is…


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Dexter vs Dexter


Luke and I are currently watching Dexter via LoveFilm Instant on our Xbox.

I’ve been dying to watch Dexter for a while now and when it popped up on LoveFilm’s homepage, I thought YES. Luke wasn’t so thrilled as I told him it was about a serial killer who kills murderers. It was something a little different from our Angel and Heroes-like programmes that we’ve previously watched. That was until the intro!

I’m not going to spoil it for you all as some of you may not have watched it. Although I must admit, for those who haven’t, I do recommend it. Well the first series anyway!

We are about half way through series 3. Not the most interesting of series in comparison to its previous ones. Series 1 being my favourite so far, however it was a little predictable.

Wait… I’m talking too much.

So last night during my insomniac-like antics, my mind begins to wonder. Of course we had just watched an episode of Dexter in bed which may have prompt this thought!

Dexter Morgan and Dexter from Dexter’s Lab have many things in common.

As you may or may not know Dexter’s Lab is about a very small cartoon boy genius who practices science in his very own not-so-secret laboratory which was featured on Cartoon Network during the 90s.

So… to begin my comparisons.

1. Both Dexters are ginger

Some of you may argue with me but check out Michael C Hall‘s IMDB profile. He fashions a delightful ginger beard! Therefore, he is ginger!

Not that there is anything wrong with that!

2. Both Dexters have an annoying older sister who he helps from time to time.

Now when I say annoying there are a few differences. Dee Dee (left) dances around Dexter’s lab like a lunatic breaking all his equipment where obviously he gets a little ticked off. Deb (right) swears constantly andPicture2 is always asking for help with her cases. Okay, not all the time.

This leads me to my next comparison…

3. Both sisters name’s begin with a D!

It’s getting a little freaky, right?

4. Both Dexters work in a lab/sciencey environment.

Dexter’s Laboratory says it all really, doesn’t it? Where as Dexter is a blood spatter expert for the Miami P.D.

5. Both Dexters are geniuses in their own right.

Lil’ Dex is well, a boy genius. I mean he created a secret lab without his parent’s knowing. That we know of. Dexter Morgan on the other hand, is rather skilled at detective work and well you can’t deny his art in killing people is a little tactful and carefully done.

6. As much as they both try to keep a secret, it ends up being found out anyway…

I guess Dexter’s lab would be a little boring if his sister didn’t break in from time to time… I mean every episode. And with Dexter, well he’s got to get found out eventually…

7. They’re both effing crazy…

Need I say more…?

I could go on… oh God, I could go on and on but this is meant to be a ‘quick post!’ ‘

And, besides… Dexter is calling me…