Women Can Speak About Football Too!

I have a lot of male friends and some I can talk all things football to but if you’re around a group of people you don’t know, your opinions become like a whisper during an Ed Sheeran concert. They’re not going to hear you. Maybe they’re all wrapped up with their conversation but something does strike me – is it because I’m a woman?

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Breaking Down Anxiety| PARK |

The majority of us will suffer with anxiety and/or depression at least once in our lives’. If you are like me, you may have suffered it your whole life and believed, thoroughly believed, that it was normal and will pass as you grew up. The fact is, it didn’t… it got worse and if you are anything like me you would understand that the only time I would leave the house is when I have to – that is: when I do the school run.

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Mini Me Got her Ears Pierced

Disclaimer: this post is about my opinions about piercings and although they may differ from other people’s opinions, I hold no judgement. These opinions are based on my thoughts and beliefs and most importantly, what is best for MY child.

When speaking to Mini Me about piercings in the past, I have always said that if she wanted them done she had to wait until she had completed a few things:

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Health Anxiety and Hospital for the First Time | PART TWO |

In PART ONE, I spoke about the beginning of this whole health mess that I have been trying to wrap my head around these past few weeks. It all started with a female reproductive system problem which suddenly became an upper back and chest pain problem. To catch up, read PART ONE and join us back here to find out what happened next.

Back? Okay, let’s continue.

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Health Anxiety and Hospital for the First Time | PART ONE |

I’ve been in hospital before. Of course I have. With eye operations and various check ups as a kid and then hospital visits with both pregnancies, I thought I’d be somewhat accustomed to the hospital. The Organised chaos, the people dressed in all colours wizzing by talking, the strange equipment buzzing, the patients coughing, the smell of disinfectant cleaning the cobwebs in your nostrils. But no I’m wasn’t.

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1950’s Gangsters Hijacked the Awards Ceremony

After a long, somewhat stressful, antagonising, wait, the day had come for Luke and I do get dressed up for the OSCARS! Not that OSCARS. No. This OSCARS was an awards ceremony for staff working at our local University who have been nominated for an award in a particular area of customer service. Luke was nominated for the Customer Excellence award and he had invited me as his guest to the red-carpeted event!

I think you’ll remember that since he got shoesthe letter, I have been stressing out like a chicken on fire. Needing to get my hair done, a dress, and a pair of shoes  which would be fitting for a 1950’s Las Vegas theme. What do I know about fashion? As much as I know about the existence of aliens. Nothing. Although, I made an alright attempt despite feeling incredibly anxious about my appearance. This was also the first time I ever wore red lipstick, ever! Mother Dear had to help me ensure it looked okay. Am I fan? Not really but I got into the spirit and refrained from wiping the lot off.

Another first, is that Luke wore a hat that isn’t a cap.

I have never stepped onto a University Campus before and I was truly mesmerised on how beautiful it was. A straight smooth walk with dying grass either side of you (because of the heatwave) with beautiful lights twinkling like stars to guide you. They guided us to the bar. Here, I met a small portion of Luke’s colleagues and put my foot in my mouth within 30seconds but after a glass of gin, it was all forgotten (I was nervous to say the least.) Shortly, we walked to the Great Hall which involved walking under the biggest freestanding clock tower in the world, the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower or ‘Old Joe’ as many people call it. The Great Hall was another beautiful building and inside was even more mesmerising. I couldn’t stop staring at the ceiling and I wish I had taken a photo before I got introduced to our free glass of champagne.

What we wasn’t expecting was a group of men dressed in 1950’s gear. Gangsters strutting their stuff with a camera in one hand and a fake gun in the other. One guy came up to Luke, speaking with a descent enough accent, and greeted him as, ‘Alberto.’ Luke was confused as the actor spoke some jargon which I assumed meant prison. Luke answered ‘Never,’ which made the actor almost lose character. They took some photos and carried on walking around the gathering crowd. You know who else were walking amongst the crowd? Waitresses serving some appetisers (if that’s what they’re called.) The lady with the vegetarian plater ace of spadeskept coming back to us because she knew we’d eat them. They were quite delicious. Soon we walked on the red carpet which led us to the hall and our tables. By this point, I think we all just wanted to sit down. Our table was the Ace of Spades and if I wasn’t looking at how beautiful the table was set with a large bucket of free alcohol in the middle, I was looking up again. The ceiling had tiny pictures of the University’s crest on it and had some small detailed areas which would have looked clearer if 1) I wore my glasses and 2) I hadn’t drank. As I stared, I kept wondering how amazing it would be to graduate in such a beautiful hall minus the bright flashing lights and the large ‘Las Vegas’ sign.

The hall was filled with swing music and memorable tunes from Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. My Dad would have been in his element. He wouldn’t even have had to buy a suit. The bloke has more than his fair share. What else my Dad would have loved is the special guest who he had heard about on the radio and had already told me. His partner,  Bev, demanded a photo. Before they walked in, the Gangsters took the stage and acted out a little scenario. There was a loud BANG and a group of police stormed down the middle of the hall blowing whistles. I’m not quite sure what this Gangster did because I must have drunk three glasses of wine by this point (sorry – not – sorry.) There was a fight scene and it was over. Now we could eat. chocolates

But I was saving these for later!

Food came flooding in on large silver trays where people could help themselves. The starter for us was vegetarian chilli nachos. The main was southern fried soy chicken burgers. They were amazing! Dessert was the smallest portion of fruit and ice-cream, ever! However, the table seemed to have conned the waiter into thinking we hadn’t received any. I ended up eating four bowls! Luke vacated to the loo as you do and a lady came round selling raffle tickets. The top prize was 2 tickets to see Britney Spears. I told her to come back which she never did and I was absolutely gutted. That would have been amazing!

When the food was collected, it was time and the special guests ran to the stage. Alison Hammond is a local celebrity who appears on regular day television. She has conducted interviews with movie stars and has a beautiful and bubbly personality. Her co-host was a local radio presenter who my Dad and Bev listen to but it was Ms Hammond who seemed to have got the crowd standing to their feet. I snapped a photo for Bev and listened to them speak. Hammond had to mention that she will be in the new Hotel Transylvania movie. You can’t beat a bit of self promotion can you?

The awards came into full swing which had tables screaming if a member of their team won. Unfortunately our table didn’t get the chance as Luke unfortunately didn’t win. I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him he will always be my winner. I think he was a little gutted deep inside but slightly relieved that he didn’t have to attempt to climb the steps leading to the stage. All of a sudden, there was another BANG and the Gangsters hijacked the stage, kicking off Alison and her DJ co-host off the stage. We watched them for a bit but they seemed to have rambled on longer than this blog post. Instead, we went outside where a lady told Luke she will be having words with the judges because he should have won. It was lovely to hear that.

The awards continued and the raffle winners were announced. (Still extremely peeved about that.) See the source imageThen the hall became a room full of music again and many members danced drunkenly, the others were trying to take other people’s booze from the table-bucket-full-of-booze centre piece. Outside the hall, there was a casino table where people could have a cheeky gamble. We decided that we would gamble on a walk so Luke poured us both our last glass of red wine and he gave me a tour around campus, which included his work. It didn’t look how I expected. In fact, I imagined it looking a heck of a lot nicer than what I saw but as he spoke, I could imagine him standing behind the counter serving future doctors, lawyers and businessmen their lattes. All while he dreams of having a career like that in the future. I believe one day, he most certainly will.


Tell me, what theme do you like at parties? Let me know in the comments?