I am glad the Summer Holidays are over. Here’s Why…

The Summer holidays are for most kids, the greatest part of their childhood. I get it. I was a kid once and for a time, I loved it… Then for another time, I hated it… Then I loved it again but it all depended on my mental health and who was around me at the time. I was fortunate enough to have a Dad (despite having a disability) who still took my sister and I out at least once a week. Everyone knows him so even a short journey to the shop would take three times the amount of time due to his need to stop and have a full-blown conversation with someone. (I hated it!)

This Summer I have tried hard to battle it out with my imaginary axe and slowly attempt to chop and hack at my anxiety. (See Breaking Down Anxiety| PARK |.) This lasted no more than two weeks because unfortunately anxiety started to chop and hack at me. Thanks Anxiety, you’re a real chum! (y)


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Show Violence the RED CARD

As a football fan I love how the game can bring people together to enjoy  and support a team. However, what spoils the game for me is how some fans behave towards other people. Not just people on the street, but towards their family.


I stumbled across The Pathway Project yesterday while scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed. I had seen a few friends share the above picture and it occurred to me that this was an issue I needed to share. I am extremely aware of Domestic Abuse and how it effects the victim and their families but with all the hype of the football being force fed to us through the media, I forgot that for many people (not just women), football is hell.

In their Mission Statement, The Pathway Project states:

Pathway Project works to support adults, young people and children, who are experiencing or affected by domestic abuse. Pathway aim to provide a range of high quality services, meeting the needs of abused adults and children, in a caring environment.

It is wonderful that there are organisations out there sharing more information about Domestic Abuse and offering advice and help for the victims and their families. It aids to make people more aware and give them the choice to retrieve their lives’ back and start a new one with their support.

Of course there are other organisations in other areas of the country and around the world.

In fact, Women’s Aid states:

There are 365 domestic abuse services in England run by 229 different organisations. 276 of these services include refuge services.


There is plenty of information out there for people and sharing this information may help someone in need.