His name is Gary, he loves cookies and is living his prison sentence aboard the Galaxy 1 with only robots as company. All he craves for is: a cookie, a game of cards and to be reunited with a lady called Quinn. Days before his prison sentence is over, he meets a green face-hugging alien he names, Mooncake: The CUTEST thing since, ever. However, Mooncake is wanted by the Lord Commander, an evil, pocket sized alien. This is:

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NETFLIX PICKS: Nailed It – Season 2

Feels like it was only yesterday when I gave my review of ‘Nailed It’s’ first series. Infact it was only 3 months ago since Season 1 was released on Netflix. As you may or may not remember, ‘Nailed It’ is a anti-bake-off show inspired by the online trend of cake fails. It is hosted once again by the glamorous Nicole Byer (‘*Loosely Exactly Nicole’) who knows how to rock a pair of earrings and red lipstick. She stands next to her co-star best friend, ‘Mr Chocolate,’ Jacques Torres and it somewhat feels like there wasn’t a break between the two series as their banter continues throughout the show. So, grab yourself a drink and get ready to have your mouth-watering (or gagging) at the end products that the contestants provide us.




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